Redefining the foreseeable

Effective health and safety systems are critical to control workplace hazards. A3C will expertly help you build a safer, more efficient, cost-effective business from the ground up without unnecessary paperwork. We listen carefully and work with your team to give you a holistic view of your business and a plan to make things happen.

We support businesses in the following ways:

  • Health and Safety Audit – a benchmark for your system
  • Creation of safety management systems and monitoring or improvement of current systems
  • Troubleshooting and gap analysis for specific projects
  • Implementation of recovery plans and corrective actions
  • Retained competent person
  • Creation of CDM (Construction, Design and Management) documents and assistance with duty holder requirements
  • Stand-alone risk assessments including fire audits and risk reviews
  • Health and Safety training and training requirements advice
  • Contractor supply chain assessment / qualification
  • IS0 Certification preparation / standard comparison

Download our Safety Management data sheet below

A3C will thoroughly investigate your health and safety processes and give you an honest and transparent view of our findings. We can put control measures in place and train your workforce to work smarter and safer. By identifying and solving the root of the problem we save you having to spend time and money reacting to the symptom.

We provide reassurance and confidence in your business operations and the knowledge and certainty that your team are working safely.


Blandford, Dorset
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