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We are a Safety and Quality Management Consultancy

that means that we do pretty much anything related to Safety and Quality, BUT we’re different. We’re not your typical ‘tick-a-few-boxes’, ‘template issuing’ consultancy, we actually serve up solutions that are as unique as your business; that’s a solution that’s relevant to your industry, relevant to your budget and to your business.

We can help with risk assessments – CoSHH, Fire, Workplace, Manual handling, DSE or we can craft a full safety management system that’s completely bespoke.

We’re here for growing businesses that may not have had the chance to think about safety management yet, or who may have experienced online setups that haven’t really got to the heart of the matter, some businesses just setup and get going so quickly that safety and quality management get pushed to the bottom of the pile – we can help. We can offer improvement of existing systems or we can start from scratch with you.

Whilst we have worked with big names like Thales, Sellafield, Altrad and the MoD, we want to work with companies aren’t huge, who don’t have millions on the balance sheet, who are growing carefully, conscientiously and want to approach safety management in an understandable and achievable way.


Choose from Basic, Enhanced or Highest Level Support. Our safety support packages give you access to a Competent Person for Health and Safety updates, notice of changes to legislation, email support, telephone support, discount on services and training courses, inspections / site visits.

We can also provide a Benchmarking Audit to assess your needs, understand what needs attention and give you perspective to choose the support package that best meets your requirements.

Safety Management

Are you aware which items of legislation have changed this year? It can be a bit of a mine field. If you have concerns that you haven’t covered everything, maybe your approach feels fragmented or you simply just want to know where you sit regarding compliance.

We can assist you.

We are happy to have the conversations, review your systems and can even provide resources to cover items such as risk assessments, policy writing, audits and training.

If you are not sure your employees are safe and your business is protected, then let’s chat.


Blandford, Dorset
Phone: (+44) 07702013198
Mail: enquiries@a3c.co.uk

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