Safety Support Packages

We offer three ‘off-the-shelf’ packages for you to choose from, Basic, Enhanced and Highest Level Support, but why not start with our Benchmarking Audit.

Starting at £400, it lets us all know where you stand and what needs attention. It could be a great way to assist in picking the right package. Alternatively, if you don’t see what you need here, talk to us, we can customise a package to suit you.

The law requires many things under the banner of Health & Safety, not least management access to a competent person for advice and direction. Our support packages come with that tag, as your assigned competent person we can provide you with advice, updates, and guidance for a fraction of the cost of a permanent employee.

Effective health & safety systems are critical to control workplace hazards. We offer you expert help to build a safer, more efficient and more cost-effective business and we’re not your typical ‘tick-a-few-boxes’, ‘template issuing’ consultancy, we serve up solutions that are as unique as your business; solutions to suit your industry, your budget and your business.

Competent Person

A named A3C representative appropriate to your industry and business, available with all our support packages.

Health and Safety Updates

Health & Safety updates provided to your nominated person, available with all our support packages. Updates range from director and company briefing notes to toolbox talks.

Notice of Legislation Changes

Notification of impending legislation changes and what it means to you, available with all our support packages.

Email Support

Email support provided to your nominated person on company Health and Safety issues.

1 email weekly for BASIC support

3 emails weekly for ENHANCED support

Unlimited email contact with HIGHEST LEVEL support

Telephone Access to Your Competent Person

Telephone access to your A3C competent person for your company nominated person.

30 minutes monthly with BASIC support

60 minutes monthly with ENHANCED support

Unlimited telephone contact with HIGHEST LEVEL support

Discounts on Services and Training

Discount on services and training courses including IOSH Managing and Working Safely Courses, promoted by A3C outside of the retainer contract of full year paid up front. 5%, 10% and 15% respectively on our support packages.

Inspections and Site Visits
Two half day inspections / site visits, one every 6 months
Days Allocated for Inspections, Audits, Training

Allocated on your package to be used by you for inspections, audits, training, etc., as suits your needs, 1 day, 2 days and 3 days respectively on our support packages.


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