As many of us are trying to work out our COVID Bubbles within the current Tier regime, driving somewhere for Christmas will become a real possibility. Having maybe driven no further than the local supermarket for months, skill fade is a going to be a major factor in the cause of accidents on our roads.

The skills and behaviours we gained while daily commuting through our cities, towns and along our motorways will not be as they were. Add to this, winter conditions, wet road and poor light, not to mention the distraction of the family in the car on a long journey.

So, is your car ready? Washer topped up, lights cleaned (no point in washing the rest), tyres checked – remember they are the only part of your vehicle in contact with the road. Don’t forget to ensure you have de-icer, a warm blanket and a shovel for digging out of mud or snow, in the boot.

Are you ready? Remember the basics:

• Don’t drive when tired – stop every 2 hours and take a 20-minute break
• Be passive, leave space – the 2 second rule
• Scan the road and pavements ahead not just what is immediately in front of you
• If you stop in a queue and are unable to see the tyres and tarmac behind the vehicle in front, you are too close.
• Hands free phone calls; DON’T dial out. Answer with a short message – “I’ll call you back”
• Allow plenty of time for your journey – the traffic at present is in no way predictable