Unintended consequences can be positive but, it is only the negatives that hit the headlines. While the massive impact on jobs and the economy was foreseeable, all would agree it was unintended and is a direct consequence of the global management of Covid 19.

So, what of the future, the so called new normal. Plans for increased cycle lanes in major cities for people to get to work, to reduce dependency on public transport, vehicle use etc. The unintended consequence is that employers that have no money will be expected to provide cycle racks, showers and drying rooms – is anyone going to cycle that doesn’t already if they don’t?

Only a simple example but it matters. When creating a policy (a statement of intent) it will be supported by procedures and protocol. If you ignore the foreseeable in your supporting procedures, then your intentions may never be realised. Unintended consequences are the factor that frequently derails the greatest of intentions.