You have your policy, your mandatory HSE poster, your management documents and your risk assessments. All good then; not really.

Think about what the legislation is trying to get you to actually do; it is not to generate paperwork. It is to ensure that anyone and everyone that comes into contact with what you do has been considered and will be kept safe and not have their health affected. The issue is that the greatest of laid down management systems are only as good as the people operating them. It is fair to say that in some areas it may be enough; Portable Appliance Testing – Policy to outsource, get someone in, test everything every time. Job done, tick. You may be paying more than you need to because you are doing more than is required but it’s under control and if the business is happy with the cost it’s all good.

When is it not enough?

Now you have all the policy and process you are sure you need; who knows what it says, what it means and when its changed or if it applies to their particular role. Are your processes achievable in the work place and supporting your policy? If you cannot answer and prove your answers are effective then you are not managing Health and Safety, you are ticking the box.