Safety Management – we prefer to talk about the management of safety i.e. the management of safety in your undertakings. It is not a stand-alone discipline but an integral part of your business.

Three key elements within your business affect the outcomes of any undertaking daily. The organisation, the working environment and people.

There is a lot of work out there regarding people and well being and while some causal factors may be outside your control, by addressing some of the following you can significantly improve your business. Give your people the right training, tools and resources, provide clarity through you processes and communications about your tasking and the business expectations. Lead by example

Many businesses are reporting higher staff satisfaction while working from home, so what is it about the workplace you provide that makes people not want to be there? People by nature prefer the shortest route to success so if the tool they need is further than the wrong tool that will probably do the job, then it doesn’t take much working out what probably happens when no-one is watching.

If you want to manage safety then manage your business effectively by paying attention to your team, their needs and their behaviours in your environment.