Have you re-opened for business this week? Maybe you still have staff working from home? Either way, it’s important you adapt your Health and Safety plan and ensure the changes in operation are factored in.

• Where roles have been identified as being compatible with home working, have you assessed your employees working conditions? Even when staff are working from home, these are your responsibility!

• Can you assure you meet your Fire and First Aid provision with a reduced number of staff?

• Is the management of the Covid hazard embedded in your processes, inductions, cleaning contracts and signage in your premises?

• Have you revised care and maintenance procedures for reduced staffing and or building closure?

• Have you got a long-term plan to reduce as many touch points in your building?

We have produced a guide to Covid19 safe working – you can read or download here.

Briefing-Note-Directors_Covid 19 back to work