The law of our nations dictates that while at work an employer must do all that is reasonably practicable to ensure the health and safety of all it’s employees. It also dictates that the employees should do all that is required by their employer in the name of safety.

In March the Government introduced legislation to manage the health of the population considering the Covid-19 pandemic. Like an employer, the rules (as law) put in place were based on knowledge held and what they genuinely thought would control the spread. Also like an employer, rules are constantly reviewed and altered as new information becomes available. The general public (other side of the relationship) had a legal duty to comply with the new law – for their own protection. For the most part, compliance was good, the R figure dropped slowly. Now it’s a little more relaxed but the same basic rules apply around gatherings and social distancing. Looking at the pictures reported recently, compliance is not good. So, in a few weeks’ time, should the R figure start to rise, the latest information available to the Government will be that total lockdown works and the people can’t be trusted to respect each other and be compliant. The reaction to that will be total lockdown.