Lone working: Those who work be themselves without close or direct supervision, so not as alone as you would think. Drivers, district nurses etc., are easy to label but you don’t have to be alone or remote all day just without close or direct supervision. The requirements are not complex, as usual it’s about understanding the risks. There are some tasks that cannot be undertaking a lone worker such as working on live electricity or diving operations.

We are raising awareness of this because with the directions given with the #COVID regulations there are many areas of work where once there were many on-site and now there are few. There have been millions in fines levied for not managing this section of your business. The most common area for concern is the level and ability to contact someone or know your worker is in trouble.

Additionally, recognition and management of mental health and wellbeing is required. In these challenging times it is really important that you truly understand the impact of the changes in the way you do business. So many stand-alone topics but an integrated approach is the only way to ensure you don’t leave gaps.

If what you’ve just read plants the slightest seed of doubt in your mind, please get in touch.