It is now mandatory to carry out a risk assessment to manage #Covid-19 in the workplace. This is not new, there has always been a requirement to manage risk to health and safety at work, however this hazard is not industry specific and as such applies to all.

Consider who is a risk (don’t forget the vulnerable and those returning from shielding), how they might be exposed and how likely is it. You’ve cracked the basics, now all you need to do is eliminate the possible exposure or control it. Common controls you will have seen include, work from home (isolating it), marking the floor (distancing it), promoting hand washing (eliminating it), and as a last resort, the correct wearing of PPE.

You should try to avoid the last resort and think seriously about how you do what you do. Talk to your workers, listen to their ideas as they are the ones you want to apply the controls and they know their workspace and routine.

Communication is everything. The greater the understanding of why, the more likely it will be followed. Remember, guidance is written for all, risk assessments are written by you for your business so take ideas and best practice but don’t compare.