While working with a client recently, as situation arose as it often does where a department stated the proposed solution for Covid-19 management was unsuitable due to space constraints.

In keeping with our ethos, a work around was not an option. After a few discussions and a walk around the site we discovered the root cause of the space issues to be other departmental reliance on the storage at this site. The plan now is to remove the items no longer needing to be stored, rationalise the storage space available, move the items that originally presented the problem to the newly freed up storage area.

The result; no more ‘does anyone know what this is for?’ items gathering dust in storage, increased compliance to GDPR including the removal of legacy records, improvement in general storage and inventory management, a reduction in fire risk and, as was the original goal, a Covid compliant office space.

We don’t do work-arounds, we define the problem, find the cause, fix the cause, loose the problem.