None of us wants to return to a complete Lockdown, however, #Covid-19 is sweeping across Europe and it is almost inevitable this might happen. It is essential businesses learn what lessons they can from the recent #Lockdown and prepare as best they can.

Things to consider in order to build some resilience are:
o Create financial governance that ensures a sustainable ‘no income’ period.
o Diversify your supply chain – all your eggs in one basket may be great for loyalty but not when your only supplier is overwhelmed.
o Ensure you have enough stock – ‘just-in-time’ is great when your supply chain has dependable output.
o Review your maintenance regimes – how long are you able to operate without ordering spares?
o Review your redundancy policy and package. This is essential if you have to pare back your operations and left unchanged could cripple your business.

We understand that there is no deadline and life is still not as it was however you should do what you can, while you can, to make your business sustainable. The only way a business will stand a chance of surviving a second wave is to plan ahead. You may want to change completely but you certainly don’t want to head into a pandemic blind – evidence of consequence is everywhere.